Understand the big picture…

Some may think we are trying to discourage you from joining our study.  This isn’t exactly true.

However, you are in an urgent need of a solution for your problems.  For some of you, death could be very close at hand.  We’re not trying to frighten anyone, but depending on your situation, it may be closer than you think.  There’s no time to waste.

You’ve obviously already wasted some time trying other methods of recovery – now you’re even willing to consider what the Bible has to say – so if what we have to offer you is beyond your desire to believe – you can’t afford to waste your time.

Life-dominating behaviors are very deceitful.  I speak now from knowledge.

Life-dominating behaviors plague everybody.

Kevin’s Story.

My son was 49 years old. Genius, mathematically gifted, aerospace certified micro-machining programmer, highly employable, great-paying jobs, good looking, and when not intoxicated he was very congenial and fun to be around.

His binge alcoholism drove him to isolate himself from people rather than admit to his life-dominating behaviors. His periods of binging increased from a day or two to a week or two… and the interval between binges became shorter and shorter. The physiological severity of detoxification from these binges became more severe too. Yet, he insisted he “didn’t have a problem.”

Okay, I’ll be ready…

Finally, on July 29, 2014, after more than 15 days of unconscious intoxication, he told an acquaintance he met in a county-operated “rehab” that he realized this had to stop. He told him, “Tomorrow, I need you to come pick me up and take me back to the Salvation Army.”

Happy Times.

Though he had been in numerous programs and occasionally enjoyed sober, happy living, his longest period of sobriety was while he was in residence at the Salvation Army Men’s Social Service Center – he was a graduate of their 6-month program. I still have his diploma in my office.

That in itself is ironic. Both his grandfather and great-grandfather had also spent their entire adult lives in the Salvation Army – not as “clients” but as officers (Pastors). His grandfather had been the director of a recovery center for nearly 20 years and his great-grandfather had been the National Commander of the Salvation Army.

His friend said, “Hey, man, they know you and like you – I’ll come pick you up right now and take you.”

That late July evening, his friend said, “Hey, man, they know you and like you – I’ll come pick you up right now and take you.”

Pick me up any time…

However, still realizing he was “detoxing” and was physically sick, Kevin delayed, “No, I’m still a little sick, but by morning I think I will be better. Pick me up any time after 7 a.m. Be sure to knock hard on the East door so I can hear you.”

Be sure to knock hard.

At 7:03 a.m. the next morning, the owner of the building came in to discover he was dead.

Who knew? Not Kevin…

Granted, there were signs of danger and he was keenly aware of them. However, the deceitfulness of his life-dominating situation failed to tell him that his friend’s kind offer to “come pick you up right now” was his last life-and-death opportunity.

Knowing the Big Picture.

If he had truly seen the “big picture” there is no doubt in my mind he would have chosen another path. He was, by the way,  a person who knew the life-principles taught in the Bible as well as anyone. He was the guy in the rehab centers or the Salvation Army center who would privately help guys understand the Bible.

But life-dominating behaviors plague everyone – granted, in different ways – to different degrees.  That’s why the Scriptures explain to us, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Hope and a Future.

Our study focuses on “the big picture.” It is the big picture of life, death and eternity that is drawn carefully and accurately by the Bible’s account of creation and God’s Sovereign purposes in all things. Understanding this big picture enables you to see yourself as you really are…and what your life can become.

God’s Word, the Bible, offers God’s big picture to us all, “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Keep looking at the big picture… God offers to all who are in captivity – future and a hope.

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